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  1. Lazarus99 Lazarus99

    Pardon me for seeming naive, but what the fuck was that?

  2. heresybob heresybob

    I bought two albums last year and this was one of them. I look forward to buying/experiencing so much more of Fever Ray.

    (Laz, does it really matter? Just allow your mind to be stretched a bit.)

  3. I love her/them/it so much

  4. Faralar Faralar

    both fever ray (Karin Dreijer) and the Knife (thats her and her brother) make very good music but as artists the are fucking wierd. I remember when they won anm award for one of their first albums (silent shout I think) and they sent two other people in gorilla costumes to accept the award…I often have a hard time deciding whether their behaviour is brilliant or just stupid.

  5. Tek Tek

    Well it could be Karin or Lady Ga Ga who accepted that award. Who can say?

  6. Faralar Faralar

    Good point, although Karins wirdness seems more genuine that Gagas…the girl is obviously demented…and awesome

  7. Brandon Brandon

    Fever Ray is a bene gesserit witch.

  8. Lazarus99 Lazarus99

    Oh, okay then…that explains a great deal…

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