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Received Goods 25jan10

An early birthday present from the sainted Cherie Priest and her other half, Aric The Roastmaster of the Fremont Coffee Company. If you live in the continental US, you can buy coffee from them online. I’m here to tell you: DO IT. Aric releases God from the Bean with Fire.

Additionally: Fremont Coffee Company, unsurprisingly to be found in the Fremont area of Seattle, will soon be instituting art shows on their premises. Given the number of art weirdos I know in the area alone, I imagine the place will repay regular visits.

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  1. Rey Rey

    Also, to the yuppies of the world, please stop gentrifying our beloved neighborhood which is the Center of the Universe.

    Fremont CC is good. They also serve beer. Am partial to Caffe D’arte, though.

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