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notebook 24jan10

* experimental/avant-garde/art/scene/movement newspapers/broadsides/freesheets/one-sheets – often hyperlocal due to distribution issues (stuffing & sending envelopes is a non-trivial pain in the arse), sometimes hyperlocal by design —

— if you’re giving them away, or charging a token amount for the pleasure/privilege of holding the print object and thereby paying the print bill —

— surely a printer-ready ghost of that object could live on under a CC license that preserves your authorship(s)/curation and otherwise allows the thing to instantiate anywhere some interested person/nutter would like it to?

(none of which is a new idea, but the bit just popped into my head, as did the idea of someone with fifteen minutes’ access to a newspaper printer yanking down the InDesign (or whatever) file of PAPER SCIENCE and banging off 1500 copies for free distrib at (say) Toronto Comic Arts Festival)

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  1. Terrence Terrence

    POD machines netted to a universal archive of content are the corner newspaper stands of the future.

  2. […] (…at this point the laws of the internet result in WAW+P reading Warren Ellis suggesting we do …) […]

  3. Unlikelyname Unlikelyname

    What in the name of Yog-Sothoth is hyperlocal, and how is it different from local? Four block radius of distribution? When I think local, I think neighborhood or town. That concept runs into difficulty in large metro areas, but then your distribution problem probably shrinks with direct proportion to population density. So, Soho in NYC would be, to me, a local distribution area, or stretching a point, Manhattan.

  4. Really, thanks for mentioning the Internet Archive. Too few people think of it for neat stuff. And there is a TON of neat stuff there. And it’s not Google or Microsoft or Apple or Amazon. God bless Kahle!

  5. Though the company that makes my machine has a vast database (with most of the google titles), but I’ve been able to take obscure stuff only on and turn it into a book.
    Thanks for reminding everyone about that site Warren. And I love the concept you jotted down. Very punk, this idea of fast & desperate dissemination of stored information; maybe the new ‘cyberpunk’ protagonist is a character to has the ethics of a zinester & a knowledge of the dark corners of the internet where secret information is hidden, for physical, untraceable, redistribution.
    Ken Macleod had some nice points to make about books and rebellion in his Fall Revolution novels…

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