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  1. gan-chan gan-chan

    I often wonder what goes through a model’s mind when they see that they’re to wear a costume like this (and I use the word “costume” pointedly).

    Do they cringe a little and say “oh God, why can’t it be something normal for once?” Do they gush over it in ecstatic fashionista pidgin? Do they even notice anymore or have they become so inured to it that they just don’t even notice or care?

    Or maybe it’s me. Am I the weird one for thinking these look unutterably ridiculous?

    Or are these promo stills for the upcoming films “G.I. Joe 2: Armani Strikes Back” and “Avril Lavigne: The Orthodonture Years?”

  2. Somebody once told me that those outfits are never intended to be worn as a whole (except at insanely high-end parties that are basically fashion shows anyway), but they’re like a demo reel – a combination of a whole bunch of different ideas (a new shape of lapel here, a different texture there, a combination of colours, an innovative seam) which are the designer’s “statements” for that collection.

    Then they’re conceptually picked apart and the elements appear throughout a whole bunch of different lines.

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