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  1. @ajoohoo @ajoohoo

    Hooray for printmaking!!!!!

  2. Sara Sara

    yes master! ::grabs rivet gun::

  3. Rob Rob

    That just sounds so…dirty. Nice!

  4. Electric Bob’s Big Black Ostrich sounds like something that wandered in off the Sid and Marty Krofft crap factory hour, sandwiched inbetween “Electra Woman and Dyna Girl” and “Sigmund and the Sea Monster” :D

  5. beezerbub beezerbub

    Uh….no. Find another Electric Bob. Or Electric Bobina.

    Maybe start small with a Big Black Emu.

    Jeez man, it’s “do this, do that” with you!

  6. theorginalSuzi theorginalSuzi

    where do i send donations? i’m not that good with my hands to build it for you, but I have money.

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