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Uphill All The Way

Facing another slog of a week, getting through the work I couldn’t do over Xmas/New Year/the manic first couple of weeks of the year.

Also, just got the paperwork for a consulting job I’m doing for an acquaintance, a job of science fiction for a fun and odd public project.

February, too, is going to be manic. Sorting out the dates for travel to the RED set (that’s RED based on the graphic novel by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner, thank you, film news sites), and then getting away from the world for a couple of days to put in some uninterrupted thinking time. As I’ve said before, time to just sit and stare at a wall or out of the window is the most precious and important time a writer — or at least this writer — can spend in pursuit of their trade.

So today it all looks like this, with thanks to Raja for his video:

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  1. Warren,

    Do you plan to venture outside of the stages/production offices or your hotel room at all while you’re in Toronto?

    I’ve got some equipment rented to Red at the moment, with them probably wanting some more as the show progresses. It would be interesting if I somehow run into you at the stages. I would certainly like to buy you a drink.

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