Station Ident: Stardate 19 1 10 point 13

January 19th, 2010 | station ident

I wrote a foreword for a book called DAYS MISSING, which comes out of the Roddenberry shop, and since I didn’t ask a fee for it they asked me if they could send me a gift, so pleased were they with my random jabbering.

So this bloody great box arrives when I wake up this afternoon morning, and in it is an authentic replica of a Star Trek phaser, complete with display stand.

I have yet to discover whether or not it’s a working model.

And then I find this image from Katie West:


Good morning. This is warren ellis dot com, and it’s clearly going to be a very long day.

Unless it turns out that the phaser is a working model.

4 Responses to “Station Ident: Stardate 19 1 10 point 13”

  1. You’re already a great inspiration to drive us nerds to become writers…but then you tell us we can get paid in PHASERS!? Brb, gotta change my pants.

  2. […] (originating with Katie West? found via Warren Ellis) […]

  3. The most excellent gift ever!
    (Except for the star-nosed mole astronaut my girlfriend made me for my 50th)

  4. Warren, you can make your dream of a working phaser happen…