T-Shirt Of The Week: The Return Of SPACE BASTARD

TOTW is basically a joke that Ariana and I pull each week in our joint guise as the International Electrophonic Unit. Basically, we take some of the stupider things I’ve said on Twitter and elsewhere, often in a state of extreme alcoholic refreshment or severe sleep deprivation, and put them on a t-shirt. Ariana set up a Cafe Press store (because this is a joke and engaging with a serious maker of t-shirts would be less funny to us), and… well, once a week, here we are.

Through this website and this Cafe Press store, we’re going to release one t-shirt a week. It’ll go live on Monday… and it’ll die Sunday night — midnight UK time, more often than not. Each one lives for a week, and then it’s replaced by the next week’s shirt. Until I either run out of dumb ideas or Ariana’s brain explodes.

So, every Monday, I’ll post the new shirt here, and you can peer at it more at http://www.cafepress.com/electrophonic.

This week, though, we do something different. Far and away the most popular shirt we’ve done so far has been SPACE BASTARD, and every single week since then I’ve had a bunch of people asking if it’ll ever come back. So this week, TOTW is SPACE BASTARD RE-ENTRY. At the store, you’ll find the original SPACE BASTARD t-shirt, and, FOR ONE WEEK ONLY, a SPACE BASTARD MUG, badges, magnets and other such wondrous tat.

I present to you T-Shirt Of The Week: The Return Of SPACE BASTARD:


Thank you for your kind attention.


11 thoughts on “T-Shirt Of The Week: The Return Of SPACE BASTARD”

  1. Back in the 90’s, there was an odd but aesthetically pleasing remake of Space Invaders by some French kid — I think as an assignment for school — called “Space Bastards.” In the instructions, he wrote some insane rant about Charles Bronson, or something (I don’t know, My French sucks). It’s still floating about out there on file shares. He managed to better SI by including gratuitous amounts of firepower.

  2. Hah, the thing is, you can now no longer credibly say things like “FOR ONE WEEK ONLY” with regards to this program (like you just did about the mug, magnets, etc.), because the return of a previous ONE WEEK ONLY item sort of shoots the whole “limited time threat” in the foot now, doesn’t it?

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