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Yes, It Goes Quiet Sometimes

Mired in a few deadline-intensive things right now, so, yes, it’s gone a bit quiet here.

RED has commenced shooting, and apparently all is well. Hoping to get out to the set next month, if I can chisel out the time — the start of the year is always work-heavy, and I’m slammed for the next several weeks, poking my head out of my sett sometime in March to sniff the air.

On a completely different tack, I haven’t seen anyone else say this yet, and so Simon Reynolds is QFT:

(The Streets/Mike) Skinner’s last few albums have had this incredible self-erasing man effect, haven’t they? Such a self-whittling to near nothing of a Major Artist of the Decade has rarely been witnessed.

It’s weird, isn’t it? ORIGINAL PIRATE MATERIAL was immature in places, yeah, but it was monstrously strong in most others. And it went straight from there to "cor, it’s ’orrible being rich and famous, innit?" and splat, the fire was out and it never came back. It’s like he lived a twenty-year career in six or seven.

Somewhere in the back of my head is a small book about the ’00s as a haunted decade.

Back to slaving over a hot laptop.

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  1. that’s a good suggestion for one of these iTunes Gift Cards I got. I only have Skinner’s “A Grand Don’t Come For Free” and I tripped over it, barely aware of the single as well in 2004. And I always was tempted to pick up the subsequent releases but I just didn’t have the yen for it. Nonetheless, I found “A Grand Don’t…” to be a witty, charming romp. Like reading a funnybook. I was really hooked on it and will still give it a spin. A funny little story…could have happened to me in my 20s.
    So I’ve been wondering about Original Pirate Material. I’ll go pick it up. Thanks. May I randomly suggest The Fireman’s “Electric Arguments”, the 2nd best album I bought off the iTunes Store in ’09. I’ve been wrong before, I’ll be wrong again. I’m sorry, Sir Paul…you do still RAWK! ::throws goat:: Oi.

    crea shaakti,
    rev sully

  2. lyle lyle

    I actually like the third album the most, The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living. It isn’t high concept like “A Grand…”, but it also has fewer rough edges and a more aggressive sound. Plus it’s just damned amusing. The fourth album was rubbish, but 1 dud out of 4 isn’t bad at all.

  3. Dekker Dekker

    all that ‘the streets’ stuff was modern toss, there was nothing revelatory about any of it, listening to some ‘geeza’ dingbat talking about loosely connected twaddle spun around ”ow ‘ard it iz to be ah geeza and to pick aaap gurlz’ or whatever the fuck it was, was just another snap-shot of how piss-poor popular taste has become in this cuntry. Match that with that twat Chris Moyles and that half-baked Captain Jack wannabe Russel Brand and just about everything else that makes you ‘groan’ from the repercussions due to the ‘rise of the idiots’ and you start to get a sense of why it’s just fucking painful to watch TV or listen to the radio these days. (i’m sure i can now spend 10 more mins connecting all of that to politics and the state of the economy, but i wont…)

  4. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    See, Dekker, this is how I know you never actually listened to ORIGINAL PIRATE MATERIAL.

  5. Paul Paul

    Sorry, don’t agree about Mike Skinner at all on this one. ‘Naive DIY British bedroom ingenuity’ to ‘modern day concept album’ to ‘difficulties-of-fame album’ to ‘timeless parables told well (with something approaching wisdom gained from knowledge and experience)’. Mike Skinner is probably the most honest and truly modern songwriter around, I certainly don’t see his work as diminishing over the last decade. If anything he has progressed and his work become stronger, in my view.

  6. Ben Ben

    I’ve not listened to Original pirate material but i do have a grand don’t come for free. I just listened to it again, its not terrible i guess but it doesn’t do anything special for me. Just another kind of pop music. And for pop, God help me i like my lily allen albums better.

    That being said i’ll check out opm, because you’ve led me to the crystal stilts and the focus group. Oh also Fuck buttons.

    Really this blog has done a lot for me music wise.

  7. I hated the crap he was spilling on that first album, it just struck me as the same as those squawking street poets you used to see in between bands on the Old grey whistle test.
    I heard a recent offering and the guy has been reading Dawkins and talking to A.C Grayling and actually writing about events that effect all of us and our place in the overall scheme of (no)things, I wouldnt buy it but its admirable that he decided not to carry on plowing the same furrow for the Nuts/Zoo readers, the sign of a true artist…even if it leaves him without a pot to piss in.

  8. barry hall barry hall

    I don’t really agree with that, OPM was a bloody great album, and I basically agree with everything else you’ve said Brad (apart from the squawking street poets), so I won’t repeat it. But I think it’s more a case of the fans leaving when a pop artist evolves, not the artist themselves getting shit. Always happens with the interesting ones. The audience falls off then they tend to make interesting stuff that no-one cares about, Talk Talk spring to mind as quite an extreme example.

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