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received goods 07jan10

OUT YONDER: Sick And Unseen In America is an excellent essay by Neil Shea, densely illuminated with photography by Andrew Cutraro, released in magazine form via POD operation MagCloud.

I’d read an article about this particular phenomenon last year, but Shea and Cutraro really bring it home in OUT YONDER: the plight of uninsured Americans trying to survive via the use of free healthcare clinics in rural Appalachia. It’s a sad and frightening read.


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  1. It’s still better than them socialist obamacare death panels!
    [/heart-sick snark]

    Video coverage of these events has made it onto prime time TV. “60 Minutes” and Bill Moyer’s program. Horrifying, shameful, infuriating.

    The awfullest irony is that the folks being treated are maybe two clicks on the income scale below the chowderheads who attend Tea Party rallies.

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