35 Responses to “Don’t Look”

  1. I said don’t look, damnit.

  2. Oh dear god. I shall not sleep tonight.

  3. Why do people hate their penises so much? What did the penis ever do to them?

  4. Lesson for the day
    When Warren Ellis says don’t look at something, there’s a good chance he’s not kidding…

  5. That is wrong on so many levels…

  6. All British males are gay and most of them are in denial.
    Hence the penis hatred. The forbidden and low-hanging fruit, if you will.

  7. oh my…

  8. I am now typing in the fetal position, crying.

  9. I’m going to go to bed and the last image that I will see is that cauliflower asshole opening up to start the track.

    Fucking bastard…..

  10. It staggers me how anyone can do that to themselves

  11. yum……. *shudder*

  12. My penis-envy is now gone.

    Thank you…I think.

  13. Terrorífico

  14. Well, if I wasn’t going to drink tonight I certainly am now. But, first a shower…

  15. Shannon is a smart guy but kinda sick at times…(he made it)

  16. Yes, you said don’t look, which is almost guaranteed to be the quickest way to get most of your readers to click the link.

    Face it, your readers are a bunch of train-wreck-watching sick bastiches…

  17. The sickest one yet, and the only one I have had to shut off within 20 seconds. Only good part was the Fantomas music. Thank you, Mr. Ellis for scaring my mind forever.

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