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Frozen Out

Matt Jones (who has a nice article in EDGE this month on games and design) just showed me this picture:


That’s my country. See that swirly bit in the bottom right? That’s where I live. This shit is deeply incorrect.

Been offline five hours, due to my ISP assuming my upgrade purchase was actually a request to completely bollocks up my broadband provision. Back online now, but no faster than before. But spending an hour on the phone to tech support has blown out my voice, so fuck it, I’ll save that argument for tomorrow.

Having lost the first third of the day to all this, I’m about to go in search of coffee and food before trying to rescue the rest of it. I need to write some SUPERGOD today, as we’re in the last leg of that project. I also need to write a short teaser-style page for a TV project, and look over a shedload of material I’ve just been sent on a new and very strange project I was contacted about at the start of the week. In addition to that, this flu-type bug is still hanging on, and tonight I think I need to kill it with alcohol.

And it seems I have five vast emails from Ariana to look at. She’s been Scheming again, it seems. Which always makes me nervous. She’s handy with a spanner, you know.

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  1. bob bob

    I realize it is early, but I would like to nominate “This shit is deeply incorrect” for best turn of phrase of 2010.

  2. dirk dirk

    You see pictures like that and you wonder why anybody would want to invade England.

    All those convicts you sent to Australia years ago must have been laughing at you suckers that stayed behind.

  3. Tek Tek

    The swirly nasty bit being over your abode I find interesting. Who says the gods don’t have a sense of humor.

  4. The first flight on my way home from vacation was from NY to Chicago. I sat next to a young fellow from Gambia. He was in country for the first time, on his way to Memphis for college.

    He spent a lot of time looking out the window at snow-blasted midwestern farm fields. An endless patchwork of gray and white. I could just imagine him thinking What the hell have I gotten myself into?

  5. Eric TF Bat Eric TF Bat

    @dirk: The convicts are long gone, but I can assure you we’re still laughing.

    And then entire forests turn to flesh-vaporising flame, and we stop laughing.

  6. NoEntry NoEntry

    Somehow I doubt they have that much to laugh, with dust storms invading their cities and eucalyptus forest burning. Just from one extreme to the other…

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