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Scott Tuma

I discovered Scott Tuma’s work a few years ago, with a record called THE RIVER. He’s usually filed under "Americana," but I find this reductive.

This is a piece from a collaboration with Mike Weis called TARADIDDLE, just because it’s what I’ve got to hand right now, but I find it preserves what’s important about Scott Tuma. His work is powerfully strange and estranging: it smacks of mutated ground, poisoned water, rust and death. The first track off 2008’s NOT FOR NOBODY is actually kind of harrowing, in the way that recent Elegi and Svarte Greine records have been — the sound of someone in extremis in an unforgiving environment. But I seem to have misplaced that. And TARADIDDLE is a fine record. So, from it, I play you "On Cox."


(mp3 provided for review purposes only, dies in seven days, contact me at warrenellis [at] if you need it removed)

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  1. […] also reminds me that I’ve been meaning to write something here about Shivering Sands. Also, this post about Scott Tuma, who some may know from his work with Boxhead Ensemble and Souled American,  is quite […]

  2. As the Scowl has written, Scott has done some great work with the perpetually underrated Souled American, a weirdo country band from Chicago who released 4 records on Rough Trade in the 1980’s and another two on a German label in the 1990’s. Tumult (otherwise an experimental/metal label) reissued the first four on CD awhile back and the other two were repressed on CD too, but I think they’re all out of print now, not even available on iTunes. I think Frozen is my favorite, at least for the last few years.

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