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Me At Marvel Digital

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, which is where you can read a shitload of Marvel comics for between five and ten Yanqui dollars a month, is sorting their inventory by creator.

Which means there’s a Warren Ellis page on Marvel Digital.

A lot of it is, of course, appalling shit that I was hoping might disappear forever. But, on the other hand, you can spend ten bucks on joining for one month and read all of NEXTWAVE and all of my THUNDERBOLTS run (which was quite funny in places, and apparently my having the Green Goblin give monologues while naked was somewhat influential on the development of the Marvel universe or something)…

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  1. Burke Burke

    It annoys the PISS out of me that none of the major comic companies are providing a digital portal / subscription service for their new ongoings. I’d happily read on a week or month delay if I could get all the current issues for like $20.00 or $30.00 USD a month.

    I don’t need animation, sound effects, or any of that crap. Let me view each page, insert the occasional up to date interstitial ad to replace the ads in the books themselves, and lets do this.

    On the up side, now I can read that run of Thunderbolts that I missed. :-D

  2. Abdullah K. Abdullah K.


    but Boss Ellis: if not for your “Extremis” run on Iron Man, Marvel would have been completely lost to me a couple of years earlier. Plus, that arc made me one of your FANatics!

  3. Abdullah K. Abdullah K.

    was referencing your “A lot of it is, of course, appalling shit that I was hoping might disappear forever.”

  4. Neil B Neil B

    You mean you don’t want people reading your Storm or Starjammers series’ that you did all those years ago?

    It could be worse… Image could start doing it and put up your Celestine issues…

  5. Dyl Dyl

    Miss NextWave & your Thunderbolts. Bought the trades obv. Good place to point to people so they can check your stuff out I suppose.

  6. Ah, the Ult. FF issue where they name the space shuttle “AWESOME” brings back fun memories!

  7. The Marvel account allowed me to read the whole Nextwave series….then I went out and bought the trades!

  8. J. J.

    I might have liked to see the Hellstorm run and Druid, or maybe even Doom 2099. But that might be stretching it.

    X-Calibre was understated compared to the rest of the Age of Apocalypse, I think. Great use of Nightcrawler, and the first time Cipher could have ever been considered useful as a superhero.

  9. Ben Ben

    huh seems nice, i have most of it in trades however. I really liked Ultimate galactus and for some reason hadn’t realized you wrote it. Didn’t strike me as that balls nasty i guess. Loved Faith in monsters.

  10. Patrick Thompson Patrick Thompson

    Marvel Digital is a great service, but no one higher up seems to know what to do with it. As it is it feels as if there are only a handful of people keeping it going / updating content.

    It has incredible potential in both bringing in new readers, advertisers and income.

    I live well over a thousand miles from the nearest comics shop (Alice Springs, Australia) and asides from web-comics and comics-news sites Marvel digital is the only way I can get my comics fix

  11. Quinton Quinton

    Thanks for the link. Never even knew such a thing existed! While browsing the site I found a promo code for thirty percent off the annual rate which brings it down to $3.50 a month. The code is YR200930 and is only good till the 10th.

  12. Dekker Dekker

    your Thunderbolts run was incredible – and i’m not just saying that! i was/am a massive fan of The Thunderbolts and you reigned in back in superbly and i dunno how much your run influenced Dark Reign etc but, sterling fucking work sir!

    I’m really digging Astonishing X-men too!

  13. Bill Bill

    I just tried the promo code on 1/17/10 and it was still accepted, so worth trying.

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