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It Looks So Warm

What’s that? Cold? Snow? Ice? Not where Meredith Yayanos is living. She’s down in New Zealand, and the weather is apparently fine.

This is warren ellis dot com and I want to go back to bed please.


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  1. Eric TF Bat Eric TF Bat

    In NZ, they have it easy. Half of Australia is flooded at the moment, and the other half is suffering the usual bushfires we get every summer now. This nation DOES NOT LIKE PEOPLE, and wants us to GO AWAY IMMEDIATELY. This is painful when we consider that everywhere else on earth is clearly unliveable by comparison, even with the aforementioned disadvantages.

  2. elvis as a dolphin elvis as a dolphin

    That was a rough thing to wake up to.

  3. tammy tammy

    I just dug myself out of 15″ of snow. Very wet, heavy, snow. I will be going to NZ in two weeks for 6. That is my reward.

    Well. The old people inlaw in rest homes thing whilst there is my karma.

    Still. WARM.

  4. shades shades

    If it makes anyone feel any better – It’s the hight of hayfever season down ‘ere, and burn time is less than 10mins at midday because of the ozone hole.

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