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DO ANYTHING: Jack Kirby Ripped My Flesh

The serial version of the first DO ANYTHING book concluded today. It’ll be out in print in April, and it’ll look something like this:


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  1. Do Anything is a fine piece of writing and the most fascinating and immersive column on comics I’ve read in ages. I go through each chapter slowly, savoring it. In terms of quality, meat, and flash, the it’s comparable only to Come in Alone and Fraction’s Poplife. And it’s the only online column with its own folder in my web browser’s bookmarks. I’ll definitely be buying a paper copy as soon as I can. Love the design on the Kirby Robot Head, by the way.

  2. I love this. I’ve been less than 100% effective at “getting” Do Anything, but what fine cover art for the collection.

  3. Colin O'Neil Colin O'Neil

    I’ve been reading it, can’t wait for the collection. Robot Jack Kirby is awe inspiring.

  4. Awesome cover – someone, somewhere, needs to get that inked on their flesh.

  5. Got to admit to not reading the column every week, but the thought of owning the long form novel version is very appealing.

  6. R Reilly R Reilly

    Do Anything is not only wonderful to read and intricately woven, but has also turned me on to A LOT of little things that I really should have already known about, yet had never come across. In other words – not only is Do Anything brilliant, but it also opens portals to other works of brilliance. Definitely looking forward to a print version.

  7. Brad Brad

    I looked forward to reading “Do Anything” every week. The column about Jack Kirby in World War 2 was one of my favourite things to be published about Kirby on a mainstream-ish site ever.

  8. Arsnof Arsnof

    I got through the first couple Do Anythings before my brains began to fear them. Soon I started putting them off, deciding to read them as one big chunk at some point in The Future. Seems like that time has come.

    As a bonus, it looks enough like Shivering Sands that they’d go perfect on the shelf together. Would it be around the same digest size?

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