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Launching The Burj

Curzon from Coming Anarchy took some photos of the opening of the Burj Khalifa, the new top medieval folly in Dubai. The thing about criminal lunatics who live like God’s just keeping their chairs warm is that, well, they do know how to put on a show:



More at the link.

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  1. I’m kind of disappointed it didn’t launch itself (or anything else) into space (yet.)

    Though I suppose the criminal lunatics themselves are sinister enough.

  2. I love technology but I just found the whole thing depressing.
    Plus – we paid for it.

  3. M. le Cyril M. le Cyril

    I can’t help wondering what it will look like with five or ten decades’ of exposure to 45*C and regular abrasive sand and dust storms – not to mention what happens if the local economy turns out not to have a long-term use for the thing. Since steel-framed construction was invented in the late 19th century, to the best of my knowledge no society with really tall buildings has ever gone bad in a big way. The Sarajevo Hilton is pretty much the poster-child for derelict hi-rise apoco-porn. Thing is, when steel and concrete is abandoned, it doesn’t just fall down leaving only a few humps bumps and walls around the fields made of funny-coloured rock. What they /do/ leave remains to be seen.

  4. kb kb

    I’m imagining this as a tempting target for another airline suicide terrorist.

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