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Mangal City

Speculative architecture from design team Chimera:


our vision is to define an urban ecosystem which supports housing and cultural programs and has the ability to adapt, transform, mutate and adjust according to the specific urban and social character of the site and of manhattan. this urban ecological system is taking as a model an organism in nature, specifically the mangrove plant. the mangrove plant and its collective the mangal, provide examples of social associative principles as well as structural capacities and hybrid responses to environmental and contextual conditions.


Interview and more images at the link.

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  1. Mal Mal

    Holy shit, that’s lovely.

  2. ADB ADB

    While innovative, all I can think of is all the mouldering cracks in the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings.

  3. gan gan

    All I can think of is how many trypophobes are going to FREAK THE HELL OUT when they come up to one of these buildings.

  4. Today’s world has the tendency to be extravagant and is always developing show elements. However, as Chimera is seeing themself as a company with focus on urban ecosystems one can expect they ought to have the operating costs in mind – do you want to clean such a beehive? Extraordinary architecture but totally unrealistic on the building site.

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