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Not A Creature Was Stirring, Not Even A Mouse. Because I Ate It.

And, with the house cleared and shit wrapped and an unwise number of wine bottles emptied, I’m out. See you on the other side of little Winterval. Have a good break. Try not to stab anybody important.

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  1. Shit. That is one knife wound I am sure will bite me in the ass in 2010.

  2. Chris Chris

    That mouse was going to become evil anyway:

    Here’s thinking of you having a Disney-free workplace in 2010.
    (Oh, and hoping that evil mouse was crunchy MMMM YUM …..)

  3. Chris Ferreira Chris Ferreira

    ive been a fan of yours for awhile and ive followed your works closely – i just read Carnage: Mind Bomb, i know- and i thought it was one of your best books- i didnt know you wrote it when i bought it even (no names were printed on that flashy chrome cover) it is truly a gem and i had to compliment you on that one.

    it was a rare discovery for me

  4. ingrid ingrid

    Hi Warren,

    All the best for 2010,

    ingrid (Brussels)

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