About My Power

Musician/writer Christine Hart felt it necessary to preserve this Twitter exchange from earlier in the year:


I have just been informed via the power of Twitter that I’m on io9’s 2009 Science Fiction Power List, alongside, um, Lady Gaga. Actually, it’s kind of an interesting list — and an interesting, if peculiar, concept. Doubtless, by the time you read it, the comments section will have filled with snark. But the article itself is worth a read (not least because it includes Lady Gaga. I think even Bill Gibson was talking about that last video).

I’ve just been informed that Bleeding Cool will be broadcasting all through Xmas Day.

Me? I will doubtless still be ruminating on the fact that five minutes ago I was selecting children’s books for my daughter, and that apparently with the passage of no time whatsoever I am now wrapping a MOCK THE WEEK: UNCUT DVD for her. Not sure how she went from Maurice Sendak to Frankie Boyle yelling "cunt" overnight, but suddenly she’s 14 and arguing with me over rap/rock, guitarists and what the best track on the Florence & The Machine album was. It’s brilliant, frankly.

6 thoughts on “About My Power”

  1. Snarky comments? Ran out of ’em yesterday killing off what’s left of december 2009.
    Your emails, tweets and forum did mess up my mind and made me buy a big dick smartphone and name it ‘my mobile terror device’.

    Kids transform into awesome people overnight. don’t blink, don’t ever sleep. ;)

    Wishing you, whiskey, strange occurences and all that Jazz!

  2. Yes, the comments section was filled with some bullshit, but I’ll live. Otherwise, a wonderful list. Couldn’t help but laugh when I scrolled all over Michael Bay.

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