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Nearly to the end of the first volume, now:

…Alan Moore who’s also in the audience at an early Roxy Music gig and watching Brian Eno in some insane costume making music with Science, Alan Moore, whose early career could easily be described as trying to find out what might happen if Brian Eno had written the Fantastic Four, Brian Eno, who conceived of his generative art software project 77 MILLION PAINTINGS as “visual music,” which is as good a term for “comics” as any I’ve seen…

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  1. Drax Drax

    Brilliant, good, sonic, genius. And god help us all if you ever get your hands on a real live nuts and bolts time machine. I think it’s time to revisit Little Deaths in the Snow.

  2. /d /d

    How very 24 hour party people-ish! Nice read, thank you.

  3. Nice to see Dave Sim mentioned here, as DO ANYTHING’s impressionistic hyper-parethetical look at comics history always seemed very Simian to me.

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