T-shirt Of The Week #008: SCROTUMPUNK

TOTW is basically a joke that Ariana and I pull each week in our joint guise as the International Electrophonic Unit. Basically, we take some of the stupider things I’ve said on Twitter and elsewhere, often in a state of extreme alcoholic refreshment or severe sleep deprivation, and put them on a t-shirt. Ariana set up a Cafe Press store (because this is a joke and engaging with a serious maker of t-shirts would be less funny to us), and… well, once a week, here we are.

Through this website and this Cafe Press store, we’re going to release one t-shirt a week. It’ll go live on Monday… and it’ll die Sunday night — midnight UK time, more often than not. Each one lives for a week, and then it’s replaced by the next week’s shirt. Until I either run out of dumb ideas or Ariana’s brain explodes.

So, every Monday, I’ll post the new shirt here, and you can peer at it more at http://www.cafepress.com/electrophonic.

HOWEVER, THIS WEEK: it’ll run ’til next Monday, as we’ve been running late today due to my being in London for meetings. Okay?

This one needs some explaining. I once opined on Twitter that the word "scrotum" ruins everything. And proved it by providing the helpful example "scrotumpunk." And then, um…

…I present to you T-Shirt Of The Week #008: SCROTUMPUNK:


We also offer a couple of perennial items. Mostly because I wanted one of these for myself:


(And also a MAN COOK MEAT WITH FIRE "splatter-shield", because Ariana’s crazy)

Thank you for your kind attention.


9 thoughts on “T-shirt Of The Week #008: SCROTUMPUNK”

  1. maybe it’s just me, but since the terms cyberpunk and steampunk imply that humans are powered by cybernetics and steam, respectively, wouldn’t it mean that scrotumpunk is a designation for people powered by scrotums? the design shown is more of a steamscrotum idea which, while interesting, i think falls short of a world powered by testicles and semen.

    i now sit, awaiting the true designs of a scrotumpunk universe.

    i’m also an invalid.

  2. These tshirts never disappoint. My space bastard shirt from a few weeks ago was stolen from my mail. Does anyone know if there is any recourse if I want to order a new one?

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