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Empty Box Of Pixels

I have to go into London tomorrow, as I’ve been instructed to meet a producer. Sometimes my agent talks to me as if she has some kind of remote-operated Destructo-Ray Projector in my office that’ll burn off one of my balls if I disobey her instructions. But she speaks with such confidence that I start to worry that she does actually have some kind of remote-operated Destructo-Ray Projector in my office, and so I go to the meeting.

So it’ll be all quiet here until tomorrow night.

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  1. Snafu Snafu

    Probably a wise decision all things considered.

  2. You could wrap your sack in aluminium foil. Shiny side out.

  3. Matt K Matt K

    Indeed, just one. That would prove the point while still leaving leverage for the future. She is Knowing, your agent.

  4. Fyfe Fyfe

    you could just move your phone out of the office… then you can laugh and say you are not there and hope the ray is not actually in your belt buckle…

  5. You need to get Annie Wu to illustrate the remote-operated Destructo-Ray Projector.
    Need to.

  6. she told me she would use it only for good.

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