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The Ministry Of Space

Well, probably not that Ministry Of Space. But:

Britain is to get its own space agency more than 40 years after the Apollo project landed the first astronauts on the moon. The agency will come into being next year and replaces the existing British National Space Centre as a single co-ordinating organisation for the nation’s space exploration activities.

The announcement coincides with the publication of a government review of space exploration that warns the nation is "at a critical point" in deciding its future in the space business.

Britain has a long-standing policy of not contributing to human spaceflight programmes and instead supports robotic and satellite-based missions. The review urges ministers to consider backing a space programme that involves both robotic and human explorers…

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  1. 13 13

    This would be very lovely. Good to see some interest in space once more. bombing the shit out of alien cultures (iraq doesn’t count) beats the hell of bombing the shit out of each other.

  2. James Bong James Bong

    I strongly support anything that competes with NASA. I suspect that competition is the only thing that will kick start a race to mars in the same fashion as the race to the moon. I am twenty one, and it is looking more and more likely that I will be seventy one before anyone even leaves the inner solar system.

    That’s just fucking sad.

  3. Allan Allan

    If they don’t use that cool MoS logo, they’re fools.

  4. Gideon Rogers Gideon Rogers

    Just read your script for Ministry of Space. What a charming idea … and just about plausible. Ah, the way the future was! Spaceships should be like naval liners, brass and rivets, with carpets and wood panelling for the officers. I wonder where Dashwood’s money came from …. I think, Nazi gold! When next in Forbidden Planet I will search out a copy of this, and hope the artwork is as good as the images in my head.

  5. Gideon Rogers Gideon Rogers

    It seems I couldn’t wait and just ordered it over the net.

    Please produce some more, as this universe begs for further exploration – what we need in space are moustaches! And pipe smoking! Skylon styled Britain! Commercial exploitation of the beyond! Stiff upper lipped arrogant strutters saying in clipped tones ‘I will pretend I never heard that cowardly statement’. What a vision.

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