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Received Goods 9dec09

Issue eight of YETI magazine arrived today. I noticed it because it has a Zola Jesus interview, and I am fond of Nika and her noises. But it’s a monstrous 200-page thing packed with all kinds of interesting stuff. Also, an eighty-minute CD full of rare/unreleased music by shitloads of people. Here’s Yeti’s site, with the information you want. It’s USD $11.95, or USD $19.95 if, like me, you’re ordering from outside the USA. For the amount of content here, that’s really bloody cheap.


Oh, and I got this last week., but I want to mention it: Julianna Barwick’s sublime FLORINE, previously only available as an mp3 EP from eMusic, is now available as a CD. This was one of my very favourite discoveries of 2009, and I’m so glad to now have a physical copy to hand. Julianna’s mailing these out herself, and mine arrived with a nice little note on the back of the envelope.


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