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  1. Wow, let’s see…

    * Santa
    * S&M mask
    * Steelers fan
    * Soviet Union t-shirt
    * What look like Mardi Gras beads
    * Moxie. Lots and lots of moxie.

  2. It’s Steampunk Yeti. I have seen it before …

  3. Zo


    Of COURSE he’s wearing a CCCP t-shirt.

  4. Earl


    The only thing that would make that shot even better if it was shown that he was wearing zebra stripe Zubaz pants.

  5. Matt


    Worst of all? He’s a Communist!

  6. Illogic


    Santa being a big fat Russian guy that tries to reinstate Communism by handing out things to children actually makes sorta sense.

  7. moshki


    “Santa, no!” made me win a price in an advent calendar, where the objective was to provide a funny link to a website. I feel slightly dirty now.

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