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  1. Wow, let’s see…

    * Santa
    * S&M mask
    * Steelers fan
    * Soviet Union t-shirt
    * What look like Mardi Gras beads
    * Moxie. Lots and lots of moxie.

  2. It’s Steampunk Yeti. I have seen it before …

  3. Zo Zo

    Of COURSE he’s wearing a CCCP t-shirt.

  4. Earl Earl

    The only thing that would make that shot even better if it was shown that he was wearing zebra stripe Zubaz pants.

  5. Matt Matt

    Worst of all? He’s a Communist!

  6. Illogic Illogic

    Santa being a big fat Russian guy that tries to reinstate Communism by handing out things to children actually makes sorta sense.

  7. moshki moshki

    “Santa, no!” made me win a price in an advent calendar, where the objective was to provide a funny link to a website. I feel slightly dirty now.

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