Did You Want SHIVERING SANDS Before Xmas?

December 4th, 2009 | Work

Did you want a print copy of SHIVERING SANDS before Xmas?

Here’s Lulu’s shipping guide,which helpfully points out the dates you need to order by in order to receive a copy before that hated day.

There is still time.

And once you’ve done that, here’s the storefront for the book.

3 Responses to “Did You Want SHIVERING SANDS Before Xmas?”

  1. Got mine, leafed through it, went to drunken whiskey tasting, dropped it in cab. Argh.

  2. Yay! According to Lulu’s guide, mine should get here before Christmas, then. I just hope customs don’t hold it up too long. Can you please arse eel the customs officers if they delay it?

    Arse eel should be a verb.

  3. finally ordered my 2nd copy. and a copy of sunken treasure also, while i was at it, since i was impressed with my first lulu purchase and just because i could.

    how does it feel to be Wil’s pimp?

    i’m joking, please don’t hurt me…