I have here the sizzle reel for your new favourite TV show. It’s OCEAN’S ELEVEN. The Sixties original. In space. With Sean fucking Pertwee. Devised by old crony Mike Sizemore, directed by Steve Barron. It’s called SLINGERS.

This is the link to the sizzle reel. Go and watch it now.

(The bit with the gun cracks me up.)

And this is the SLINGERS category on Mike’s blog. All kinds of interesting stuff there.

41 thoughts on “SLINGERS”

  1. Thanks for the smile, my day is that much better. Ditto the Cowboy Bebop reaction, but I’ll take it all the same. This project cannot possibly die here.

  2. god, the details!

    any sci-fi soundtracked by “theme de yoyo” HAS to be worth watching. and watching. and collecting in box set form. and then getting sick of once it’s past six series and all of your favourite characters have changed irrevocably. or left to work in film.

  3. Sean Pertwee? SOLD! XD Looks like instant classic material.
    Anyways, this looks far more Cowboy Bebop than any live-action Cowboy Bebop movie featuring Keanu Reeves could ever be.

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