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I have here the sizzle reel for your new favourite TV show. It’s OCEAN’S ELEVEN. The Sixties original. In space. With Sean fucking Pertwee. Devised by old crony Mike Sizemore, directed by Steve Barron. It’s called SLINGERS.

This is the link to the sizzle reel. Go and watch it now.

(The bit with the gun cracks me up.)

And this is the SLINGERS category on Mike’s blog. All kinds of interesting stuff there.

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  1. This reminds me of Cowboy Bebop in the best possible way. This HAS to get made.

  2. “Boom.”

    Home is cleared. Heh. :D

  3. I was left needing a Sci-Fi fix when Firefly got canned.
    This looks like it will do just nicely.

  4. Ruth


    Thanks for the smile, my day is that much better. Ditto the Cowboy Bebop reaction, but I’ll take it all the same. This project cannot possibly die here.

  5. highly acceptable, especially the projected pistol HUD

  6. ron


    say the word, and I will hunt down and kill anyone who needs to be dead to make this show happen.

  7. Rob


    HOLY FUCK this is what dreams are made of.

  8. Fucking Gorgeous. Just Gorgeous. MOAR

  9. Den


    Loved the use of ‘Theme De Yoyo’, and thank God Sean is doing something other than a credit card voice over. More please. Much more.



  11. darby


    DO WANT.
    i’d actually *watch teevee* for this…

  12. God I hope this get’s picked up and done to a good end, hopefully more than 6 seasons.
    It has te potential to turn in as much an institution as Doctor Who is

  13. Mathew Jensterle

    Mathew Jensterle

    I want all guns to be like that one right now. War would be hilarious.

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  15. skt


    god, the details!

    any sci-fi soundtracked by “theme de yoyo” HAS to be worth watching. and watching. and collecting in box set form. and then getting sick of once it’s past six series and all of your favourite characters have changed irrevocably. or left to work in film.

  16. Just fantastic.

    Here’s hoping it gets picked up, AND someone stateside is wise enough to buy the broadcast rights!

  17. grrrowrr…, now THAT is an ace fucking clip—jeesus I hope it isn’t just stillborn here. Live damn you, LIVE! thank you for bringing this out into the light Warren.

  18. Sheldon


    When – not if – this goes to series, it will undoubtedly become my new favourite TV show.


  19. That was fucking brilliant! I love it when retro becomes the new future – especially when it has been nailed so well. Must – have – moar!

  20. georgielew


    Yes, yes, yes please! What in the world can I do to help make this happen? I’m craving this!

  21. NullApostle


    Relevant to my Interest!

    DO WANT.

  22. Kelly


    Just say the word and I’ll get to intimidatin’. This can’t bloody die here.

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  24. Micah


    This must come to pass.

  25. Glen


    Two words. Bad. Ass.

  26. When? WHEN?!?!

    Must have.

  27. greg donovan

    greg donovan

    man that looks awesome! it is indeed my new favorite show.

  28. B.E.


    Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. This needs to happen.

  29. Eaddi


    That looks fantastic!

  30. Joe Parrish

    Joe Parrish

    Looks amazing, hope it happens.

  31. Warren – so grateful for your kind words on slingers – coming from you that is a mighty compliment! Steve Barron

  32. Sveinung Sjåstad

    Sveinung Sjåstad

    Sean Pertwee? SOLD! XD Looks like instant classic material.
    Anyways, this looks far more Cowboy Bebop than any live-action Cowboy Bebop movie featuring Keanu Reeves could ever be.

  33. Tadhg


    Keep this away from Fox! They ruined Firefly and they’ll ruin this too!

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