Things I Do Not Want For Xmas

December 1st, 2009 | researchmaterial


(thanks to Andrew Ducker for making me look at this, you fucking bastard)

20 Responses to “Things I Do Not Want For Xmas”

  1. She’s got pretty eyes.

  2. Mine had worms…

  3. Plastic dog anus!

  4. Wait. Is this a sex toy? I don’t get it.

  5. *looking at it some more* Is this a sex toy for guys with pencil dicks?

  6. Maybe it is for collecting semen from stud dogs?

    I hope.


    It is… making me sad.

  8. PVC? What’s the point if it doesn’t have that Authentic Furry Feel(tm)?

  9. Pretty eyes, perhaps. Sad, haunted eyes, absolutely.

  10. No…
    Also, damn. That’s one tight squeeze.

  11. OMG. It’s from Japan, isn’t it? Now you’ve started me imagining what other models and shapes there must be. Must go soak head in soapy water. If not gin.

  12. I came all the way from my rss reader to comment on this.
    (And thanks to you for making me look at this, you fucking bastard.)

  13. Jeeze. Look at the site Spencer posted. a) It’s made by a medical model manufacturer, which is kind of spooky, b) “Minimum order 50 pieces.”

    I wonder whose idea it was that a cocker spaniel was the breed of choice for interspecies boffing.

  14. Wow, one more reason to be glad I don’t have a cock: I’ll never have to have an inkling of understanding as to WHY I’d want to stick tender parts into THAT.

  15. Okay. I’m pretty sure I kept the receipt…

  16. I’m gunna need more than 50. Oh moma!

  17. For sale, one dog shaped receptacle. Slightly used.

  18. It’s a sex toy FOR dogs not bestiality fetishists. Basically if you have a horny lil dog you give him this to hump instead of your leg or a cushion.

  19. *blink*

  20. Now I must never sleep, for there will be no escape from this in my dreams.