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Music I Liked In 2009 [3]

Third in a possibly infinite list of music wot I liked this year:

"Love Is A Wave," Crystal Stilts: I don’t care what it’s derivative of, I don’t care what you think, I loved this and I consider it one of the great pop records of the year. You can disagree with me, but at the end of the argument I will be Right and you will be Severely Bruised. There is a Narrative Purity to this record. It says: what if the Libertines, that great music-press delusion of the 00s, that band that only made one great single and it was their last one, that band who became invited into the Rock Canon because they had a great story… what if they had, one time, tried to get the rush they gave people down onto a bloody record. Then it would have been this one. But ultimately they were a bit shit at being a band, so the Crystal Stilts did it instead.

THE TRANSACTIONAL DHARMA OF ROJ, Roj: you really need the CD of this, not least because of the gorgeous booklet written by Ken Hollings and designed by Julian House. This is a Ghost Box record, and as such has its roots in the cosmic hauntological weird. DHARMA, however, is a lot more about rhythm than most Ghost Box records. And it’s frequently absolutely gorgeous. It’s still coming out of that box of strangeness, don’t get me wrong. But it’s less concerned with building a sonic fiction and weirding you out than it is with conjuring an interplanetary drum seance. And an interplanetary drum seance should first be beautiful.

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  1. Scott Scott

    It’s entirely possible that the Crystal Stilts’ album is wonderful. I haven’t had the (dis-)pleasure. But having seen them live, I would rather stab their sharpened namesakes into my ears to avoid ever hearing them again. Bunch of tune-shy, pitch-challenged hipster douchebags without a melody between the lot of them. If they were half as good as they think are, they’d be the best band in the history of ever, but as it is they both bore and infuriate me. A hint to lead singers – if you are going to stand and look disaffected at your showcase, you better be able to write a catchy tune, or at least exude some kind of dangerous vibe, instead of looking like the kid that serves me lattes at the local starbucks. Just because Nico and Lou Reed can pull it off, don’t think you can.

    Having said that, the guitarist isn’t too bad. Glass is half full (of shit), I suppose.

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