19 thoughts on “NEXTWAVE: You Are Shitting Me”

  1. This type of thing does not stop America from packaging half a season of a sitcom they canceled and selling it as a DVD set.

    Canceling something just means refusing to further invest in a project. Doesn’t mean they won’t try to milk the property they own for all it’s worth.

    And yes, it is a travesty against the intelligence of man.

  2. Honestly, cancellation or no, I’d like to see more things I missed the first time around made available so I can get them at a reasonable price.

    I mean criminy, digital file storage costs a minimal now, you can preserve something in pdf format for printing a variety of ways… screw the rocket packs, I’d just like to be able to get books I missed without a great hassle.

  3. I’ve been reading this series to my 5 year old son all week. He goes hysterical. He’s been quoting it all week as well… “I’M GOING TO PUT YOU IN MY PURPLE UNDERPANTS!” “I GOT A PHONE ON MY HEAD” “I HAVE ONE HUNDRED EARTH DOLLARS!” “IS HE DEAD? NOPE, HE FARTED!”

    Tonight he can’t wait to see the NEXTWAVE team fight skateboarding monsters that shoot lazers out of their heads in issue #8…

    Tempted to make a youtube of it…

  4. “Yes” to the chorus above.

    Besides, aren’t you, like, on speaking terms with Joss Whedon. That man can tell you a thing or two about cancelled projects living on in commercial immortality.

  5. NextWave SHOULD be brought back from cancellation, but only if Godhead Ellis and Immonen the Great are on the book.

    Otherwise, keep a great thing dead.

    (How you WOULD continue the series is beyond me, however.

    Nextwave was specifically about fighting the Beyond Coorparation/H.A.T.E [I mean, besides being a chance for Warren to come through with his roaring riot of funny superhero humor]. What you do after that is a mystery to me…

    But if anyone could come up with more stories about the exploits of Nextwave, it’s Warren…)

  6. Yeah, those bastards. Give me a nice new shiny trade but no new issues. Pretty little thing is in the Dec Previews. Amazon works just as well, too.

    Monies. I give them to you.

  7. Nextwave was great! In Spain it was collected in two paperbacks and I guess it sold well enough. So upset about the book being cancelled – I mean, I always thought it was planned as a limited series from the start.

  8. Marvel’s been really picking up the pace with these Ultimate Collections, as of late. Exiles, JMS’ Spider-Man, Cable & Deadpool, basically the entire Ultimate Universe line. Hell, even Chris Giarusso’s brilliant (yet poorly selling, AFAIK) Mini Marvels are getting the treatment.

    This getting the UC treatment is only slightly surprising. Despite it being poorly selling (and canceled, as mentioned before) the critical acclaim it has received since then certainly works in its favor. Either way, I know I’ll buy a copy. Maybe another for a friend. Or to make a shrine of it, or something. That sounds more likely, actually.

  9. “Y’know, “NEXTWAVE: You Are Shitting Me” would be a great name for the next arc”

    YES THIS PLEASE. Let us see how many giant monster orifices can expel that damn robot.

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