The Friday Telescreen [14]

November 21st, 2009 | brainjuice

Because the internet is made out of people: this was The Friday Telescreen 2009. These are the readers of

Thanks to all who sent in photos, and especial thanks to the three hundred people whose photos I just couldn’t fit in. Sorry. Next year I’ll do a weeklong thing again, and get everybody in.

Have a good weekend.


7 Responses to “The Friday Telescreen [14]”

  1. oh my, that girl in the top right. glad to know i’m sharing webspace with such pretty people :}.


  3. Seeing all these pictures I can’t help but feel that I’m missing out on so many creative things that the internet should be connecting me too. I need a “Creative” widget which, when activated, will send me links to the most artistically creative things on the internet.

  4. The first image made me miss Magpie in a heart-wrenching, visceral way. Oh, internet, bringing my worlds together.

  5. The masked menaces in the centre are me and my darlin’ going incognito in a fancy restaurant in Venezia.

  6. I’m heartily enjoying the gavt that the crop has made me a headless man in a suit.

  7. They are all beautiful people. You must be proud of the virtual family that you’ve created.
    I’m proud too to be a part of this microcosm.