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The Friday Telescreen [11]

Because it watches you while you look at it. For the next few hours, I present a selection of the readers of this website:


(Join in by sending a self-portrait to

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  1. That’s a lovely More Than Complete Hitchhiker’s Guide there.

    What? I’m missing something?

  2. Caged Wisdom Caged Wisdom

    Michaelk42 – Thank you! I honestly was trying to figure out what book she was holding and couldn’t make out enough of the letters.

  3. I wasn’t so concerned about what book she was holding, though the shot did grab my attention………that’s a lovely photo!

  4. The gal in the lower-right hand corner there looks just like me. Creepily like me. Same glasses, same hands, same slightly-crooked part.
    Can anybody tell me who she actually is?

  5. @Caged – Had that edition since high school, I’d recognize it in an instant anywhere!

    I’d like to know who she is just as a matter of being interested in attractive, semi-clothed women with good taste in books in general.

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