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Simon Reynolds’ NOTES ON THE NOUGHTIES: Beard Rock

Simon Reynolds is one of my favourite writers. It’s funny, really: I agree with what he writes maybe half the time, at best, but he says it so fucking well, and in such a way that I always have to think about the subject again.

He’s now doing notes on the decade at the Guardian, beginning with a piece on "beard rock." I was, I admit, hoping for a clue as to why I find Will Oldham so inexplicably creepy, but, you know, it’s a fun piece anyway:

…beardedness is tantamount to a visual rhetoric, almost a form of authentication, as though the band are wearing their music on their faces…

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  1. Mandrake Mandrake

    Hah.Mostly how we think of you.We only agree with you,in our heads,maybe half of the time,but you say it so well we have to reconsider again and again.Trying to keep our opinions while reading something you wrote that we don’t agree with is like running with the tides.

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