People often ask me what comics scripts look like — or, at least, what my comics scripts look like, as there is no industry standard for comics scriptwriting. I have a few scripts up here on the site, and you’re welcome to download them. I write in OpenOffice and save in RTF. Beginning writers may find it instructive to compare the scripts with the published work.

(Please, don’t ask to be shown other scripts instead. These are the ones I have available. Okay?)




(Yes, JONES will be back one day.)

FELL #1.

(And so will FELL.)

28 thoughts on “Scripts”

  1. Cheers for these, always enlightening. Will make the bus home much less shitey. Didn’t know the term ‘bleed’ in relation to comic pages before, gives a cool we spin to a bunch of Ellis’ Wildstorm books knowing where it came from

  2. Dear Sir. You have confirmed your anti-hero status, yet again. Just read the Fell script. Enjoyed the books years ago, but reading your raw descriptions on certain pics was quite amusing. Thanks much for sharing.

  3. Thank you, oddly I found I already had three of those four scripts but seeing Ministry of Space was great, along with Orbiter and Ocean one of my favourites. Cheers.

  4. Thank you, Mr. Ellis. Though I’m a first time poster, I have been a fan of your work for over 6 years. Thanks for the chance to look at your work up close.

  5. well holy shit, i came here on a whim to see if you had anything like this up to help with my writing for my friend’s uni illustration project comic and bam, newest entry.

    i’m going to buy two copies of supergod now just because of marvellous serendipity.

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