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The Mechanic Speaks

Ariana Osborne, designer of this place, SHIVERING SANDS, etc., talking about POD and the book, because:

…apparently, there’s a bunch of folks paying close attention to how Shivering Sands does so they can figure out if POD is “worth their time.”

And I have absolutely no fucking clue what that means, so I’ve just got to talk about it…

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  1. Zo Zo

    POD is how I run my print shop, with the exception of limited editions. It’s an ideal platform for me, thus far. Not all that different since I pay for materials while LuLu takes a cut. Which reminds me that I should do another Lulu calendar… Hrmmm.

  2. Well you’ll get a result proportional to your existing traffic/visibility. If you’re Warren you’ll get decent exposure, if you’re not you’ll need to work it.

  3. “Well you’ll get a result proportional to your existing traffic/visibility.” You’re *still* playing the wrong game. You’ll get the result of having one more book available in print than you do now. At no cost to you. Everything else is extra.

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