8 thoughts on “Dogs Are Destroying The Planet And Killing Us All”

  1. Yes, yes, dog’s are the devil’s whores, but cows do more to kill the planet and it’s inhabitants than dogs do. Their meat poisons us and their flatulence poisons the air! Do you eat the meat of the cow, Warren??? DO YOU????? Ellis, thy name is hypocrite! Just kidding. Have a drunk day!

  2. Further in the article it states that they aren’t counting the emissions of either dogs or SUVs. This is not, how do you say…. ‘science’.

  3. bwahahahahaha! this bit’s so funny: ‘As the New Scientist notes, “cat excrement is particularly toxic” and has been known to cause brain disease in sea otters off the California coast.’ bwarharharharhar! *can’tstoplaughing*

  4. That’s it, I’m getting my ELECTRIC ANIMAL right now. I knew Phil K. Dick was right when he introduced those awesome electro-pets in “DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP?”

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