Pyramids With Nadja

November 4th, 2009 | music

Spent the evening listening to this. Nadja, a well-known drone metal outfit from Toronto, and Pyramids, a postrocky noise band from Denton once described as like "someone disemboweling a Radiohead record." PYRAMIDS WITH NADJA is an immense collaborations, four long soundscapes that also bring in members of several other bands, including Khanate and The Cocteau Twins.

And you can stream it here.

Fused together, they make a sound that approaches, particularly in the later tracks, a sort of Berserker Mushroom Viking Meditation. It flows like river water on the verge of freezing, under a sky that is very slowly exploding, and your heart is hammering but the drone of the world is still and all-emcompassing.

Should probably have been a Night Music entry.

3 Responses to “Pyramids With Nadja”

  1. wow i really enjoyed this. LIKE fucking thoroughly , great find.

  2. aha, reaaaaally odd seeing denton mentioned here. im not sure what the reputation of denton outside of denton is, but denton is ever so tiny when you are living there.

  3. I do not know what I would do with my life if Nadja was not in it.