BLACK SUMMER Optioned For Film

I swear, these stories always break when I’m least ready for them. From Variety this morning:

Newly minted banner Vigilante Entertainment is launching operations by developing Warren Ellis’ comicbook series "Black Summer" with Ryne Pearson ("Knowing") tapped to adapt.

"Summer," published by Avatar Press in 2007, centers on superhero team the Seven Guns, a group of scientist-adventurers who modified their own bodies for street-fighting in order to take back their West Coast city from a corrupt police force, criminal local government and rapacious private security forces.


BLACK SUMMER remains available as a single graphic novel collection from better comics stores and, of course, Amazon.

17 thoughts on “BLACK SUMMER Optioned For Film”

  1. Be interesting to see how this translates to the big screen.

    How much involvement have you got with the script and any idea how close or wide of the mark it is likely to be?

    No doubt it’s a while away from casting but who would you like to see star in it?

  2. From what i’ve seen, once you give up a child or other bodily effluent to hollywood, all one can do is watch and weep. and if you’re lucky, go for a swim in your money bin to assuage the torment.

  3. Mr. Ellis, I am sending you a bowel disruptor in the mail. Use it on whomever you need to to keep the writing from suck, and the director from braindeath.

    For God’s sake, don’t let them League of Extraordinary Gentlemen this thing.

  4. Interesting that they seem to veer away from the whole “killing the president because he’s a criminal” aspect in the release, which makes me wonder if it makes the movie. Given how much the political landscape has changed since Warren wrote it, if they did put it in, I think it might find a whole new audience then the one he intended at the time.

  5. “Knowing” wasn’t exactly a film classic, and I suspect Obama haters would batten onto the film the same way Clinton haters latched onto the “Independence Day” image of a flying saucer blowing up the White House. So I congratulate Mr. Ellis, but I’m not expecting much from this production.

  6. Knowing was good (not as good as Proyas’ Dark City of course) except for Nic Cage’s wooden acting. (whatever happened to the Nic Cage from Adaptation?)

    In a dream world David Cronenberg would direct this and Mickey Rourke, Viggo Mortensen and Evan Rachel Wood would be cast.

  7. I think this could be potentionaly a great film. While reading “Summer” I could see it playing out in my mind like a film perfectly. Every panel of art moved beautifuly to the next like a storyboard. I want to be a filmmaker myself one day and I kind of hoped I would be able to direct this gem of a book one day. Anyways, there is no real need to change the dialogue or story, I believe its fine as is. So I hope they don’t change it too much. And hell, if they do F*%K it up, maybe I’ll still have my chance someday haha!

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