17 thoughts on “Count Cockula”

  1. That video is incredibly misleading.. Also, soft, tiny teeth don’t really lend themselves to the whole Vampire mythos.
    On the other hand, I’ve just found my Halloween costume! Have it!

  2. Vampire blowjobs… This can only be win if there is a hidden beartrap–I mean, that’s WHY you’d fantasize about bloodsucking undead, right? To have your vein-filled junk gnawed off…

  3. This is especially funny because I just stumbled on the forgotten ’70s classic film GAYRACULA.


    I’ll say it one more time for good measure. GAYRACULA.

    In which he fights his arch enemy, the Marquis de Suede.


  4. Ah yes, Gayracula. I first saw this film on a 13″ CRT in an artists’ enclave tucked into the mountains of a Cherokee reservation. The firewater was flowing freely and mere minutes before I had been pulled by my Halloween costume into a bathroom to make out with someone whose name or face I never caught.

    The nude dance scene complete with 4th-grade boy farting sound effects is enough to make the purchase of this film worthwhile.

  5. I call foul play! I’ve had cockula tattooed on my foot for nearly 5 years now! i demand a piece of this pie! if they produce a frankenpussy one too i’m getting a lawyer! exclamation!

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