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…And The Hazy Sea

It’s that time of the day where one needs a sound like this. I’ve only heard the one album by Cymbals Eat Guitars, and I’m hoping for a second one where they’ve swept out the nervousness and slight insecurity and just focus on blowing off the backs of people’s heads. "…And The Hazy Sea" is from WHY THERE ARE MOUNTAINS by Cymbals Hate Guitars. It’s a little bit like the Arcade Fire got sent to Hell and discovered the place is run by Frank Black.

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  1. I run several newsblogs for and it seems like I am constantly posting this press release or that for Cymbals Eat Guitars, and from the little bit I have actually had a chance to listen to, I am also of the opinion that they should think about a second release sooner than later. It makes me smile that the first time I’ve run across them outside of work is here.

  2. I’ll bet Unger filed his copyrights as non-functional art. His fire pits are used to hold fire. That’s the problem. Functional Art or Furniture can not be copyrighted. Ask Blue Rooster about their Chiminea Copyrights. There is enough business out their for everyone. The only people who win in the courtroom are attorneys. Boys, get a life, work hard, stay out of court and move on….. or get your law degree! I believe in pixie dust…don’t you?

  3. Chris Chris

    It’s a fantastic album. It’s just too bad that they were horrible live.

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