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Approaching the end of the first volume, now:

From up here, maybe we can see what we’ve been talking about this whole time. A world that, from up here, looks like Jack Kirby’s Ego The Living Planet, but instead of its face being a wizened old man, it does of course strongly resemble the robot head of Jack Kirby.

Our parachute opens, billowing, capturing the air of comics and slowly bringing us back to this strange earth. From up here, we get the overview, and descend and decelerate into the details.

From up here, you can only see the geographical details of Jack Kirby’s face. There’s no sense of what weather cut those features into the topography, those lines and trenches and pits.

Since I began writing this, other comics creators have come to me with stories of Jack. Jack the angry man, Jack the wall-puncher, Jack the bitter man, Jack the betrayed. Jack the furious, who never raised a hand to anyone but never left any building he resided in without the pockmark of fist-shaped holes…

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  1. No wonder DC and Marvel fit in so well with Hollywood. They’ve got a history of leaving artists and writers broken or at least bitter.

    By the way, I nominated that story about artist John Unger for the Electronig Frontier Foundation’s Hall of Shame website and mentioned it in the comments to BoingBoing’s story about the EFF site.

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