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  1. Chris Chris

    Apres Liverpool, la deluge.

  2. I can just see all the delegates being wined/dined/charmed at Peter Pan’s Adventure Island, before being sent to Leigh-on-Sea for a hair/nail/ballsack pampering session..

  3. I can just imagine the delegates being entertained at Peter Pan’s, before being taken to Leigh-on-Sea for a hair/nail/ballsack pampering

  4. Dekker Dekker

    this kinda mentality is symptom of the whole of england. the country, on average – is a toilet, apart from a very few ‘nice’ little places which most of us poor fuckers can’t afford to live. The bullish, ‘stiff upper lip’ mentality – where the UK shows two fingers at other, progressive countries needs to stop…its fucking embarrassing, we’re the laughing stock of Europe.

    People *think* the movie ‘Children of Men’ (the Clive Owen starring one) is a ‘film’ – when its actually a fucking documentary that perfectly captures this country…grey, dull, filthy, trash piled up high, depressing & quite unfortunately – victim to explosion. (the only problem is that the degenerates don’t seem to have any problem procreating…)

    –slightly unrelated. I read at the weekend how the Queen is ‘not amused’ about the BNP hijacking the whole ‘Churchill’ stance & that she is ‘making a stand’ against them…BUT she is perfectly OK with the politicians raping he common man with their fucking scandalous behavior. That’s cool with her, she has no issue with that. Cunt.

    Everything is so ass-backward that it has me worried. *IF* Nick Griffin were a hardcore politician, instead of the cum-bucket that he is — he could very easily take over, and those dickheads in parliament wouldn’t even realize.

    it’s got me frightened….and short of taking up arms, Punisher style…what the fuck can we do??? American had ‘Vote for Hope’ we’ve got ‘Vote for the lesser Evil’ …

  5. Destrin Destrin

    Hey, Liverpool got capital of culture and they were also one of the three worst financially managed local authorities in England:

    ‘Southend Borough Council was criticised as one of the worst financially managed local authorities in England by the Audit Commission report for 2006/7 one of three to gain only one of four stars, the others being Liverpool and the Isles of Scilly. Areas of criticism were the use of consultants and the spending of £3.5 million on taxis during the 2006/7 financial year.’ (source:

    We can piss money down the drain just as badly as those scousers, bring on the awards!

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