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With a Stolen Red Lipstick Bible on Her Side

I am greatly fond of Natural Snow Buildings, an experimental/postrock unit from France. And has a bunch of their stuff for free download. Good old — don’t know how it’s taken this long to root through their free-mp3 archive. Here’s the page you can grab this track from. It has superficial resemblances to, say, the peak work of Godspeed You! Black Emperor: but instead of GY!BE’s ascents (or perhaps escalantes, if you’re Matt Webb), they produce zones, spaces, still fields. Good night music. (And it’s dark here in Britain.)


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  1. drax drax

    Good night and thank you! How are we supposed to get anything done?! Jesus. Take tomorrow off, man!

  2. Matt K Matt K

    I need to express my appreciation for this site as a music blog, aside from its additional entertainment/educational value. Sun Will Set was fine, indeed, and I like the sound of this also. Peace.

  3. DowneastDredgw DowneastDredgw

    I was just doing homework to “Dead Flag Blues”. Now to this… Thanks!

  4. AlexV AlexV

    Ha, been listening to Shadow Kingdom a lot. Good stuff. Check out the new Maninkari, Warren (that is, if you haven’t done so already).

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