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Station Ident: This Is Sort Of Warren Ellis Dot Com

Well… it is, but I have a fair amount of stuff to slog through today, so I’m ignoring this place until tonight. I’ll keep twitter on, probably, and you can always send me interesting materials, nice things and dirty pictures at my "dump" email address, which is warrenellis [at] gmail dot com.

Slightly mental drawing below is by Annie Wu.


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  1. “Miracle Tonic”–brilliant. Like a salesman dressed like a shaman to sell some snakeskin oil.

  2. curgoth curgoth

    Colonel Sanders: Year One.

  3. Annie! Woot!

  4. Ryan – Yes! I’m glad someone at least kind of gets what I was going for. I had an especially tough/half-confused critique in class today with this, and I feared it was because I didn’t make it obvious enough that it’s supposed to be a dark-campy piece featuring a ridiculous conman.

    And, of course, thank you for the link, Warren.

  5. Annie – Are you kidding me? The mustache, the dark, hooded eyes, pale skin…The guys is everything an Indian shaman is not. (Oh, and the crucifix was a nice touch.) Go back to whoever critiqued your work and slap them till their teeth rattle–

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