9 thoughts on “Station Ident: It Is Barely”

  1. So, it’s Spider-Man with a cool car. It’s not as if Hollywood is opposed to lifting foreign films shot for shot to amass millions from lowbrow American audiences. Give it a dub and we’d watch it in droves. Better yet, give it two years and wait for the Dreamworks version to come out. Or, god forbid, the Disney version.

  2. So it’s a whole film based on something that is a throwaway element from Harry Potter?

    If they’d called it Chitty Chitty Kill Kill, maybe I’d be interested.

  3. Please. You guys are just jealous that you didn’t think of the cool flying car movie first. Admit it, when you were 7, this would have ruled your world. So be 7 again for 2 hours.

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