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BREW DOG: Equity For Punks

I’ve mentioned the fine beers purveyed by the craft booze mechanics at BrewDog a few times here. This just turned up in my email. They’re selling shares in the company:

….we are offering you the chance to officially join the team and own part of our company, our brewery and our beers. Welcome to Equity for Punks.

We are looking for 10,000 BrewDog loving individuals to purchase shares in our company. This is your chance to buy into the BrewDog dream and share in our vision.

We believe the best way to further the growth of BrewDog is to ask you, the people who enjoy our beers, to be involved in BrewDog’s future.


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  1. Can’t do it from the USA. Makes me sad.

  2. c c

    You have to be an EU resident!

  3. Philelzebub Philelzebub

    Bum… if only I had £230 to hoy in their direction!

  4. Well, I did find this in the US –

    (Redhook, Kona, and Widmer Brothers brand beers)

    Didn’t find Dogfish Head/Stone Brewery/Bell’s which are the big three I care about.

    I don’t have a lot of money to throw around, however, so I’m inclined to throw what I do have at beer rather than stocks. I *know* how that short-term investment’s going to work out.

  5. joe joe

    £230 ? Overpriced as the 10,000 shares only represent about 9% of the company. Is it really worth £23,000,000 ?

  6. Pubber Pubber

    If you buy BrewDog already then 20% off all future online sales is terrific.

  7. Equity for Punks is open to US residents. All you have to do is say you are an EU resident but give your US postal address.

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