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Station Ident: At The Pub

And bugger me it’s chilly out here today. I am brought to you by the power of Google Chrome on an Eee 901. If you’re on a similar machine and are noticing unusual slowdowns and heavy battery use while using Firefox to read or write on the web, get it off your machine and install Chrome. All fixed.

I was worried for a while there that I’d need new kit. I mean, I carry too many devices as it is, these days. The time when I could travel with a Treo, a foldaway keyboard and an mp3 player are long gone — and even then, I wished for push email. Now I carry a (dying) Nokia N95 8GB, a Blackberry Curve, a Sony 32GB mp3 player and this Eee, in a canvas Whitechapel bag ganked from Avatar. (And if there are any of those left, I imagine they’ll be offered for sale on FREAKANGELS tomorrow.)

It’s possible that I could work on the new Nokia N900, if they’ve got the apps ecosystem sorted and the outboard-keyboard system isn’t weirded out the way it was on the N800 tablet (it refused to recognise so many keys that I couldn’t produce work on it with any efficiency), but I discovered years ago that having to answer a phone call on the same portable device you’re writing on can get a bit annoying. It’s all gotten a bit complicated. Also, I’m starting to get app envy whenever I look at iPhone 3GS ads.

Anyway. All of which is to say, I’m finishing up at the pub, and will be back later.

This is Warren Ellis dotcom. Hello.

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  1. brian brian

    useful tip, cheers! I love my eee 901 but despite being able to run VJ apps the web does seem inordinately slow sometimes.

  2. Devon Devon

    you get no sympathy from the canuck currently staring outside his window watching snow fall.

  3. Stay strong! The iPhone and all it’s shiny, shiny apps are not the answer! Only open source will answer your needs (he says, typing this out on a mac. meh.)!

  4. k paul blume k paul blume

    Not experiencing any problems here.

  5. The Pandora is a hobbyist-designed-and-built linux-running touchscreen-and-physical-keyboard jobby just slightly bigger than a portable game system.

    Okay, I admit it was essentially designed to be a portable game system, but it might fit some people’s needs for a browser-writer-listener-watcher-but-not-a-cell-phone device. First 400 units coming Real Soon Now.

  6. I get external keyboard envy when I look at my iPhone. That would make it the perfect pocket device. Well, nearly.

  7. Lyle Lyle

    I also tried to write on the n800 with a think outside stowaway keyboard, but something odd with the bluetooth stack meant keys would repeat or drop randomly, resulting in a lot of words liiiiiiiiiiiiiie(like) that. Enough of those in a sentence and it’s hard to figure out what you were writing.

    The n900 has me excited to try it again, provided they’ve fixed the bluetooth issue. I write in VIM, so the lack of apps doesn’t bother me so much. I guess I wouldn’t be so excited about the n900 if the iPhone would allow bluetooth keyboards. *shrug* Can’t have it all, I guess.

  8. I had the same problem with the N800 (liiiiiiiiiiike!) and I found it just too annoying to deal with. Same goes for the annoying habit of the basic text editor to hide all the files away in a slightly-munged file format. I think one of the problems is that the device is what engineers want in a phone/pocket device, not what’s useable for mere mortals. So, yes, it’ll be fine if you can VIM. Other folks might have problems.

    And as for the guy who suggested the vapourware *nix device – ho! Ho! Ho! I’m pretty sure that it will not only suck to type on, but that it will have the worst usability of anything, ever.

  9. I demo’d an iPhone and wanted to hurl it into a wall after failing repeatedly to get the touchscreen keyboard to produce communication that didn’t look like spastic gibberish with my, apparently, sausage sized fingers. Hideous, store property destroying violence? There’s an app for that. Am now on Google phone. It has an app that let’s me read and write in Microsoft Office, among other programs. FWIW and all.

  10. I wish there was some way to break you of this Nokia attraction you have. Really, you will not want the N900. If you’ve got the time — and it requires a lot of it — here’s a multi-hour recording of a live video session all about the N900. Bottom line: they stole some bits from Apple, some from Palm webOS, and it’s still infested with half-assed bugs and incompletions.

    I’m still scarred from the N770 over two years ago, so Nokia’s near-$1B loss today did my heart some good.

  11. Larrylongbottom Larrylongbottom

    for all eeepc users hit up the latest opera it is the bee’s bollocks! runs like a dream also

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