Night Music: A Wonderful World

October 15th, 2009 | music

I’m sure I’ve played this here before, but what the hell, it makes me smile. Nick Cave and Shane MacGowan doing "What A Wonderful World."

G’night, people.

9 Responses to “Night Music: A Wonderful World”

  1. I always enjoy the night music picks, but this is really something else.

  2. Great track. Wish I still had the EP.

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  4. I just…


  5. This must be the bastard stepchild of Tom Waits’ glorious rendition of “Somewhere” from West Side Story.

  6. About eighty years of hard living between them!

    Great fun to see two old friends on a skite…

  7. <3 Nick Cave!

  8. awesome!!fab !!love it ..brings bac memories……aaah! bliss

  9. Best thing about this video is that they’re so drunk they have to lean on each other just to stay upright…I love Mr The Cave…