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Bloody Facebook

All right. I give up. There is no escape from Facebook. So: I will approve any and all friend requests, whether you’re human or not, and I will simply trust you to help me break Facebook and give it the pain it deserves.  Help me make it whimper and die and leave me alone. It’s here. Go nuts. Please.

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  1. Don’t worry, the walled gardens will fall. It’s just taking a little time to break it down.

    They will have to play a perfect game to keep their walls up, but we just need to be slightly better than them.

  2. Personal Stalkbooks have a 6000 friend max. But I don’t think ‘fan’ FB’s have any upper limit. You may wish to adjust your strategy accordingly.

  3. Prepare the “Warren Ellis is my friend!” T-shirts!

  4. Nygaard Nygaard

    Hello new friend.

    I wonder: If everyone on the “friends of Warren Ellis” list adds everyone else as a friend, will we break something fragile and precious at the heart of the Facebook machine?

  5. Luke Luke

    2000+ “friends”?

    I’m not joining, we all deserve a little peace.

  6. apefist apefist

    Beware, it’s like having a part time job that pays absolutely nothing, especially in satisfaction.

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